U12 blitz to celebrate the start of Summer.....

The Summer** Blitz 2018

To celebrate the good weather and to take advantage of a bye in the Go Games Calendar, the U12s ran a blitz on Pairc deBurca on Saturday 21st April. 

With bad weather for the last few months the girls were keen to play some competitive games and the mentors put together a mini tournament which was played in glorious sunshine.

The girls were allocated a coach each and played a first round game and two finals were held. Great skill and determination was shown as the girls battled it out for trophies.

At the end of tournament all girls were presented with a medal and more importantly an ice cream (thanks Coach Pat). The winning captains also got a trophy- you may spot from the pictures that the trophy was used to a red carpet rather than the green carpet of Pairc de Burca!

Thanks to all the coaches for organising and for parents coming down to support the girls.

**Let’s hope that this was not 'the Summer’ for 2018