Under 9/10 Dublin Camogie Go Games Rules 2015


UNDER 9/10

1. Team sizes/ Participation

Maximum 9-a-side.

A club/school/community team with 14 players or more players should make two or more teams to play in games, where possible.

Full camogie gear to be worn for all matches (jersey/skorts or shorts /socks/helmet/Skingaurds))
All players must play at least half a match

2. Pitch Dimensions

65m x 40m
Make pitch smaller, if appropriate.

3. Zones

2 zones Pitch split with cones across at halfway. Players must remain within the zone to which they are assigned except midfielders who can roam throughout pitch.(Must wear bib)

4. Duration

10 minutes per half- 20 minutes per Go Game: Recommended: 2/3 Games per Cluster

5. Goalposts

Well secured goalposts; Minimum 8ft x 6ft to maximum 15ft x 7 ft. Training Poles are optional.

6. Sliotar

Size 2 Quick touch

7. Commence

Play commences with a throw in on halfway.
After a score sliotar is thrown in on the half way line
After a wde, play can commence with a puck out OR A throw in on halfway line. (Mentors to decide)

8. Outfield Play

1st Half on the ground. 2nd half – All skills (NO soloing) One hop of sliotar only on hurley and strike
is permitted . No kicking the sliotar.

9. Goalkeeper

Catch, Lift into the hand and strike or ground strike at all times. No kicking the ball.
May use leg to block/save.
One hop of ball on hurley is permitted.

10. Frees / ‘45’s / Sideline – ‘Nearest Player’

Groundstrike or lift and strike (Frees & ‘45’s’).
Sideline puck taken off the ground.
All opposing players should be at least 8m from player taking.
Free pucks should be no closer than 20m from opposing end line. All opposing players should be at least 10m from player taking. Nearest Player
Frees; Player who is fouled takes free..
Sideline; Player nearest ball when crosses line takes.
‘45’s’; Player who last strikes the ball on attacking team takes from halfway line, in line where ball crosses end line.
Referee chooses player nearest/last struck to take free.

11. Scoring

3 Point for over crossbar and 1 Point for goal. BONUS SKILLS PT- Catching the sliotar cleanly. Lifting and striking the sliotar in the air.
Where slalom poles are used- All scores – 1 Pt

12. Other

Shoulder charge is not permitted but incidental contact is permitted. No rectangle rules apply