2015 Boys Christmas Themed Training Session


2015 Boys X-Mas Training Session Report from Bill Nolan   - Well done to all Involved 

We had around 800 boys and girls attend the training session across the day, entering in groups of 15 and navigating their way through a series of challenges to win a meeting with Santa and his elves. Our first group started at 9am and our last group finished at 6pm. The event hosted the girls and boys groups from our Nursery plus the very special sensory group. This was the first time the event was jointly organised by the girls, boys and sensory groups and it was a wonderful success. 

We had one generous sponsor who I'd like to call out which is Two Mugs (they loaned us their inflatable igloo and a couple of bubble machines which was our most popular challenge of the day).

A great day had by all

Wishing All our players,parents and mentors a safe, happy and healthy Christmas - see you all in the New Year