Hurling speak

Hurling Speak

by Larry Ryan

At hurling matches you are likely to come across many types of comment from the sublime to the ridiculous. Here is a glossary of some of the most frequently heard.

Mighty  - Very Good<?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O />

Hames  - Mess e.g. 'He made a right hames of that clearance'- he made a great mess of it

Lamp - A Good Thump e.g. 'i swung for the sliothair, missed by 3 feet and lamped their full back'

Timber  - Intimidation like 'show him de Timber'

Schkelp - To remove tissuewithout surgical procedure e.g. 'That hoor from Chiarains took a good schkelp from my leg'

Joult  - Shoulder or push e.g. 'i gave him a joult and he was in hospital for 2 weeks'

Bullin  - Angry ' The fullback was bullin after i lamped him'

Bull Thick  - Very Angry-'The full back was bull thick when i lamped him again'

Bomber  - Popular nickname for an oversized burly player- not Gerry Greene!

Burst de Bxxxx -Tackle your player

Ya B***x ya - Recognition of score by direct opponent

Hatchet Man - Pulls a half second before the ball arrives or/and a half second after its gone

Cleared - What happens if you come in contact with the Hatchet man

Bushted - An undefined injured 'jaysus me arm is bushted'

Mullocker - Awkward or untidy player generally without fear

Rake - A great number of anything, usually pints of Guinness the night before a match

Ham Sangwidge - Consumed with tay at the back of the har after the Munster final. Successor to the mate tay and plain tay.

Let-it-in-ta-fuk-wud-ya - Full forward's appeal to mid-fielder for a speedier delivery of the ball

Schemozzle - Beloved of Michael O'Hehir, a euphemism for a mssive row. 'theres a schemozzle in the square'

Let him know your there - Reminder to introduce yourself to the opponent

Ah for feck's sake -  Familiar refrain if anything goes wrong

Similar comments might be heard at a football match but the football played in my part if the country was very refined so I would be unaware of them.

A final comment...if your opponent is getting the better of you, give him or her a good 'dunt'.