Minor Hurlers Skills assessment

Skills were assessed by counting the number of times a player could strike a ball off the hurling wall in 1 minute. Players must strike the ball from behind a 10 metre line on all attempts. Each player gets 5 attempts ( so 5 minutes in total). On the first attempt players can strike the ball anyway they want. For the second attempt they can strike using their Right side only with the third attempt using their left side only. The fourth attempt allowed players to strike the ball off the hurley not using their hands and the final attempt allowed them to strike the ball whichever way they wanted again.

Overall the results were very positive with an average score of 106 strikes in the 5 individual 1 minute skills. The team will continue to practise these skills and will be tested at regular intervals throughout the year.

Top scorers on the day were as follows:

Skill 1 – Eddie O’Byrne 26
Skill 2 – Barry Mulligan/Eddie O’Byrne – 26
Skill 3 – Naomhan Reardon/Eoin O’Dwyer – 26
Skill 4 – Barry Mulligan – 27
Skill 5 – Jack Doughan – 28

1st – Barry Mulligan – 128
2nd – Eddie O’Byrne – 126
3rd – Naomhan Reardon/Mark O’Dwyer – 121