Seniors draw with Boden in Hurling County Final

Date 21 Oct 2018
Home Team       Away Team Ballyboden St Endas 2:17 1:20 Kilmacud Crokes
Venue Parnell Park



(Match report by Diarmuid Coogan.)


Local Dublin rivals Kilmacud Crokes and Ballyboden St.Enda’s played out a thrilling county final today in brilliant sunshine in Parnell Park!


The game ebbed and flowed from start to finish and while both sides had some bad wides, the intensity of effort and sheer excitement had all supporters on the edge of their seats right to the final whistle in both normal and extra time. Boden played with the aid of a strong wind in the 1st half and had a few needless wides before Crokes captain (on the pitch) Caolan Conway hit a very tidy point from 30 metres on the right after 3 minutes. (0-1 to 0-0)


From the puck out Crokes delivered a ball into Sean McGrath in space about 30 metres from the Boden goal on the left; he carried well and buried the sliotar below the advancing Gary Maguire to give Crokes a great start into the wind. (1-1 to 0-0)


Dublin stalwart Conal Keaney opened Boden’s account shortly after with a well taken point. (1-1 to 0-1)


Crokes keeper Matt Collins hit an excellent puck out to midfielder Lorcan McMullen who fielded on the Boden 65 before carrying and despatching a great point from 45 metres on the right. (1-2 to 0-1)


Boden’s midfielder Niall Ryan steadied the ship with a point after 5 minutes and Dublin marksman Paul Ryan followed up with a 65 to make it a 2 point game. (1-2 to 0-3)


On 10 minutes, Boden full forward Conor Dooley struck a fine point just inside the Crokes 45. From the puck out, Boden were awarded a free on their 65 on the left. Ryan spotted Dooley free on the Crokes 45 and played a quick ball which Dooley despatched with maximum efficiency. (1-2 to 0-5)


After 10 scores in 11 minutes both sides had a few aimless wides in particular Boden who were not making the best use of the strong breeze. Then on 16 minutes Crokes’ Fergal Whitely played a clever “one two” with corner forward Ronan Hayes from a lineball on the right before hitting a lovely point from 45 metres on the touchline. (1-3 to 0-5)


Talented Crokes full forward Marc Howard thought he had stretched the lead a minute later when he pointed following a surging run but was blown up for over carrying. From the resultant free about 30 metres from his own goal, Gary Maguire launched a massive free which dipped viciously just before the square and evaded defenders and goalkeeper to catapult Boden into the lead after 17 minutes! Some observers credited full forward Dooley with a deflection, but others gave it to Maguire! (1-3 to 1-5)


2 minutes later, Paul Ryan demonstrated all of his skills to evade defenders and hit a wonderful point from 70 metres on the left side. (1-3 to 1-6)


Boden were in the ascendency now but Crokes (and Dublin) stalwarts Ross O’Carroll, Ryan O’Dywer and Niall Corcoran showed great strength to repel a few attacks before Ryan was given an easy free on the 20 metre line following a late tackle further out the field and he stretched Bodens lead to 4. (1-3 to 1-7)


On 25 minutes, following a skirmish for the ball in midfield, Conway gathered and struck a great point from just inside the Boden 45 to steady the ship for Crokes. (1-4 to 1-7)


Crokes should have followed up with another score following a great run from Ronan Hayes on the right corner but good “scramble defence” from Boden averted the danger.

3 minutes later, Paul Ryan carried the ball deep into Crokes territory before giving a deft hand pass to former Dublin forward Conor McCormack about 10 metres to the left of the goal. This should have been a goal for Boden but Matt Collins showed lightning speed of mind and feet and dived bravely to block both sliotar and hurl for a great save. Ryan added another free for Boden on in the 2nd minute of injury time to restore the 4 point lead. (1-4 to 1-8)


Collins pucked out quickly to find Marc Howard on the left touchline and Boden were forced to concede a line ball which was taken quickly, and Boden fouled on their own 45 metre line. Howard showed great nerve to narrow the gap to 3 points on half time. (1-5 to 1-8)


2nd HALF.

At half time, the Crokes faithful were quietly confident that their side could overcome the 3 point deficit with the wind behind them. After 33 minutes, Collins pucked out to the right to corner forward Oisín O’Rourke who did well to win a free on the Boden 45 which Howard nailed. (1-6 to 1-8)


2 minutes later Keaney won the ball and gave a great pass to sub David Curtin who hit a lovely point from the Crokes 65. (1-6 to 1-9)


9 minutes into the half, Lorcan McMullen hit a line ball from the right to Caolan Conway on the Boden 45; with his way blocked in front of him, Conway showed great vision to hit a crossfield ball over to the unmarked Sean McGrath on the left who struck a fine point. (1-7 to 1-9)


A minute later, centre back Ryan O’Dwyer “hoovered up” a dangerous ball in his own half and drove a high ball into the Howard who was fouled on the 20 metre line. Howard tapped over to reduce the deficit to a point. (1-8 to 1-9)


On 43 minutes, Curtin was unlucky to hit the post before Crokes squandered a possible goal chance.


At that stage Crokes and Dublin stalwart defender Niall Corcoran was forced to leave with an injury and was given generous applause by the Crokes fans, in particular the huge number of underage players present.


Crokes at last equalised with a Howard free from 30 metres after 46 minutes. (1-9 to 1-9)

A minute later the combative Fergal Whitely won some “dirty ball” around his own 65 and drove a long ball to Hayes on the right and he fed Howard who put Crokes back into the lead for the 1st time since the 17th minute! (1-10 to 1-9)


Crokes’ fans may have thought that they were now on top but from the puck out, Boden carried deep into the Crokes half along the right hand touchline and left half back Aidan Mellett was desperately unlucky to see his goal-bound shot rebound off the post; the rebound fell to Niall Ryan who rattled the net but it was the side netting much to the relief of the Crokes fans!


Undeterred by this miss, Boden won the puck out and Paul Ryan tied up the scores again. (1-10 to 1-10)


On 50 minutes, following a “schomozle” on the Boden 65, Crokes were awarded a free and Howard again showed his composure to nail it from the left. (1-11 to 1-10)

4 minutes later, Collins launched a long puck out which caused chaos just outside the Boden 20 metre line; Hayes kicked the sliotar on and was about to pounce for goal before being tripped just outside the square. Howard tapped the free over to extend the lead. (1-12 to 1-10)


In the next few minutes both sides were guilty of “bad shot selection” before Boden wing back Stephen O’Connor won a free on the right which the referee Chris Mooney moved in for dissent to just 10 metres to the right of the Crokes posts. Ryan nailed it to make it a 1 point game on 60 minutes. (1-12 to 1-11)


As it was announced on the PA System that there would be “at least 3 minutes of injury time”, Boden smelt blood and after winning the puck out, worked the sliotar up to Aidan Mellett in acres of space to the right and he needed no further invitation as he buried the ball in the net! (1-12 to 2-11)


The next passage of play saved the day for Crokes – Matt Collins showed the quickness of mind that Corkonians are famous for and pucked out right to Cian Mac Gabhann on his own 45 before Boden had finished celebrating and while this observer was still writing about the goal!


Mac Gabhann showed his great talent by launching a huge strike from the touchline which sailed over the bar to make it a 1 point game. (1-13 to 2-11)


From the resultant puck out, Crokes were awarded a free on the Boden 65; 2 & ½ minutes into injury time, Howard once again showed nerves of steel to level the scores. (1-14 to 2-11)


Crokes won the puck out and were awarded a free but on their own 65; Howard stepped up again but it was just beyond his range and his shot dropped short as a relieved Gary Maguire “shepparded” the sliotar over the line as the full time whistle sounded. (1-14 to 2-11)



Boden had wind advantage again for the 1st half but Crokes struck 1st as Howard hit a great free just inside the Boden 65 in the 1st minute. (1-15 to 2-11)


Maguire pucked out long and Boden had a very dangerous attack which was stopped by Ross O’Carroll but illegally in the opinion of the referee. A yellow card and equalising point from Ryan followed. (1-15 to 2-12)


In the next few minutes Paul Ryan butchered a few line balls on the right before hitting a sublime line ball that Joe Canning would be proud of! (1-15 to 2-13)


6 minutes into extra time, Crokes conceded a free on their own 45 in a central position; Ryan nailed it to “stretch” the lead to 2 points! (1-15 to 2-14)


After being on the back foot for most of the 1st period Crokes won possession and fed Howard who made a surging run up the middle beforehand passing left to sub Alex Considine. It wasn’t the most “sympathetic” of passes and by the time Considine secured possession in the left corner, he was enveloped by a few defenders and did extremely well to “engineer” a free just to the left of the posts. Howard drilled it to make the margin the minimum once again. (1-16 to 2-14)


From the puck out, the ball broke around the middle of the pitch and Crokes full back Bill O’Carroll hoovered up before sending a very clever diagonal ball into Considine who had the hurl knocked out of his hand. Howard again equalised with a minute left in 1st half extra time. (1-17 to 2-14)

Boden could have gone ahead just before the interval but Fergal Whitely made a great defensive intervention which lifted the siege with the wind to come. (1-17 to 2-14)



2 minutes into the 2nd period, Whitley hit a great line ball just inside the Boden 65 on the left to sub half forward Shane Veale who struck over from 30 metres. (1-18 to 2-14)


Boden were awarded a free from the puck out and Paul Ryan once again showed his skill with a great point into the wind from his own 65 metre line. (1-18 to 2-15)


The next point drew arguably the greatest cheer of the day for Crokes as crowd favourite Ross O’Carroll hit a huge point from 70 metres on the right. (1-19 to 2-15)


With less than 5 minutes remaining, O’Carroll drove out of defence and passed to Oisín O’Rourke who “curled” over a lovely point from 45 metres on the left. (1-20 to 2-15)


In the following minutes, Crokes had a couple of chances to extend the lead but didn’t take them. Boden hung in and corner forward Niall McMorrow hit a lovely point to bring it back to the minimum. (1-12 to 2-16)


Ryan followed up with an easy free for Boden with 20 seconds left on the clock. (1-20 to 2-17)


Boden were now emboldened and drove a line ball into the Crokes half. The sliotar found it’s way to Paul Ryan in loads of space to the left of the goal about 20 metres out. The crowd expected him to take his point but he seemed intent on goal and as he carried the sliotar in, he miss hit his shot and a grateful Jamie Clinton scrambled the ball off the line and hit it long where midfielder Damien Kelly gathered but before he could pass to a team mate, he was engulfed and the final whistle sounded allowing everyone to catch their collective breath!


Both sides will have much to reflect upon and plot ways of winning the replay next Sunday.


For the all supporters, it was a thrilling afternoon’s entertainment and a great advertisement for Dublin Hurling!


KILMACUD CROKES: M. Collins, N. Corcoran (A. Considine 46 mins), B. O’Carroll, J. Clinton, R. O’Carroll (0-1), R. O’Dwyer, C.Mac Gabhann (0-1), L.McMullen (0-1), D.Kelly, S.McGrath(1-01) (S.Veale 52 mins (0-1)), F.Whitely (0-1), C.Conway (0-2), O.O’Rourke (0-1) (S.O’Dwyer 76 mins), M.Howard(0-11,10 f) (B.O’Rorke 79 mins extra time), R.Hayes.


BallyBoden St Enda’s: G.Maguire, J.Madden, L.Corcoran, S.Durkan, D.Curtin (0-1), S.Lambert, D.Curran, D.O’Connor, N.Ryan (0-1), C.Keaney (0-1), P.Doherty, A.Mellett(1-0), P.Ryan(0-11, 7f, 65, 1 line ball), C.Dooley (1-2), N.McMorrow(0-1).


Crokes Head Coach Anthony Daly: “I’m awful proud of the boys and the spirit that’s in the team and in the club. In some ways we got out of jail but we’re hurting that we didn’t play better – we‘ll review and go at it again next week!”


Ballyboden Head Coach Joe Fortune: “Maybe 5 minutes before the end, I would have taken a draw ….but what a battle!”


So all to play for next Weekend!!


Replay next Sunday 28th at 3:30 in Parnell Park

Photos by Paul McGirr and Steven Dagg