58 Referees attend Dublin GAA Seminar

58 Referees attended a refresher and seminar in Ladies football rules in Parnell Park this evening, Tuesday 13th April.

Introducing the evening, Dublins Referee Assessor, Finbarr ODriscoll outlined the importance of the reports in the business of the County Board. He cited examples of the databases compiled from the information submitted such as injuries recorded and matters for following up with Clubs. He stressed the importance of recording injuries as the reports could be called on to substansiate injury claims. "Of 19 reported injuries to date, two have generated Preliminary Claim Forms" he reported.

The Rules seminar was given by Games Development Officer Tonya Allen assisted by Lyn Savage. This took the format of breaking the gathering up into groups and each group was asked to decide whether scenarios were Red Card, Yellow Card or Fouls. Each scenario was then explained and demonstrated which generated lots of debate. Some notes were taken for the next Annual Congress where the rules can be debated for improvement.

Summing up the event, Co Chairman, Camillus Kilpatrick thanked Finbarr and Dublin Referee Co-Ordinator, Dave McCabe for a well organised evening. He appreciatd that so many Referees had come out and wished them all well in the current season. He thanked both Lyn and Tonya for the excellent workshop where everyone learned from the experience.

As the evening concluded, the Referees were given a pack containing the Dublin Regulations, spare report forms, a checksheet which will be used by the assessor.

All in all - a good evenings work.