Additional Temporary Pitch Resource Provided to Club by DLRCC

As members know, our development program to install flood lights, realign the pitch to championship size and improve the drainage is ongoing in Parc De Burca. It is expected this project will be completed by mid to end of August.  Undertaking this project has left us critically short of pitch resources for  games and training for our comprehensive number of teams.  We are delighted to inform members that DLRCC has temporarily made a space available to us mid week in neighboring Marley park. We have marked out a pitch and training and matches will take place over the next period.

We played a mid-week camogie game there this week. Some photo's attached. .  We are grateful for this support. We would also like to acknowledge the contribution of local councilor and club member Donal Smith who was instrumental in working with our pitch co-ordination work group lead by Charlie McCreery and DLR to secure this resource.  Thanks to all involved.