Inclusive Family Fitness Day Sunday 26th @ 2.30pm in the Paddock - What a Great Event !!!!

Inclusive Family Fitness Day 

We had a fabulous day, I'm not sure who enjoyed it more- the kids, the parents or the coaches!

The Sun shone, the coaches were bright and the kids were brighter still.

After weeks of balmy temperatures, the forecast was for some rain but it stayed off.

The day started after lunch in the paddock and it was intended to bring kids that sometimes do not feel fully included for a variety of reasons to be included within our Club. These are kids within our families that struggle to participate in our regular team sports due to either Physical, Intellectual or Behavioural difficulties, that make team participation a real struggle.

The day included a variety of games that children of varying abilities and ages can play. There were plenty of siblings who also attended and were able to play a sporting activity with their sibling in a way that perhaps they had never done before. We had a wide range of games from Run and Run, Tug O' War, Obstacle Course, Parachute games, Penalty Shoot Out and a Quiet Area.

A huge thanks to Orlaith Doran & Aisling Whitely for pulling the whole thing together on the day. Considerable credit must go to the coaching ticket. The Club was brilliantly represented by some of our sporting stars from across all sections. A huge thank you to our super group of coaches. Thanks to Micheal & Linda for opening the Village Cafes Food Truck for the afternoon.

Thank you to all the kids, siblings & parents for coming along and making the day so amazing.

It is important that we remember that the Club makes great efforts to engage with all of our Members regardless of their situation. Many parents of children with disabilities are marginalised through team activities as their children cannot manage or cope with them. This in turn leads to further isolation and challenges for the families; by reaching out, Kilmacud Crokes makes a huge impact on those families and their children. 

People with disabilities deserve to have the same opportunities to be active as everyone else. As a Club, we should be very proud of what we have achieved to date and what we can achieve into the future.