Kilmacud Crokes Female coaching inclusion program - Message from our Club Chairman

We need your help now !!!

The Club is very anxious to support and encourage increased female participation in sport and we have launched an initiative focussed in particular on achieving an increase in the number of female coaches in our sport.

As a kick off we have developed a survey on the subject of female participation in our club at all levels and we really need members to take the few minutes to share their views by completing that survey. The objective of the survey is to track & analyze the data behind what is currently our low percentage of female coaches across the club.

We want that to change and in order to achieve that it is important that we understand members’ views as to whether there are any challenges or barriers that all parents, both male and female, may face that prevents them from getting involved in coaching so that we can set about removing any such barriers where possible. We are also looking to get feedback from existing coaches on the current coaching programme. All members from all sections of our club – active and less so – can really help us by completing the survey.

Please take the survey at this link -

Our long term goal is to create a more diverse, inclusive coaching environment open to all members regardless of gender, GAA knowledge or background.

Please help us by completing the survey.

Thanks in advance

Kevin Foley

Club Chairman