Membership Renewal Shop Discount Vouchers

We had some queries about the discount vouchers for the shop upon paying membership renewals.  See process details below :

Who Qualifies for a shop Discount. If you paid your registration by 28/02/2018 Your children are born between (2003 and 2012 incl) and you Play a Gaa Code (Football, Hurling , Ladies Football, Camogie) Each child who qualifies under these conditions will receive a coupon. Coupons can be claimed upto and including 01/07/2018.

Here's how you can claim: Logon directly to . and Select the member login on the right hand side of the screen. Use the email and password you used to Register your membership. If you cannot remember your password select 'Forgot password' and You will be issued with link to enable you to change your password. This is your membership account detailing your club payments, registrations , lotto etc. On the left hand side of the screen under the menu you will see the icon of the shop coupon.

There will be a single shop coupon which will have a barcode for each of your children that are eligible with their names printed underneath , Please print and bring to the club office on Saturday Morning to be scanned & stamped so they can be used on the shop. Only Stamped vouchers will be accepted in the shop. do not raise queries with the volunteers in the shop they cannot help you. Send your queries to